Benefits of CONA Membership 


CONA is the principal organization in North America Representing large and small operators in the professional carriage Industry.

By joining CONA, you become a part of the power unified voice and receive many ongoing benefite:

  • CONA is recognized as the primary voice of the professional carriage industry by the AWC (Animal Welfare Council) and the AHC (American Horse Council), and through CONA you can impact equine legislation.

  • CONA has a proven track record of preventing closure or unreasonable restrictions of carriage operations in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Little Rock, San Francisco and Victoria BC (Canada)

  • CONA provides valuable networking — marketing, business concepts, public relations, lead generation, horse care and purchasing, equipment (bridles to diaper bags), risk management and insurance.

  • — The official website offers an easy to use national commercial carriage company directory, as well as, an index of service providers for the commercial carriage industry.

  • Expert resources to assist you in dealing with government agencies and special interest groups – AWC, safety, operations, and training.

  • Carriage Operators Guidelines — Nationally recognized by professional carriage operators, States, and Municipalities.

  • Drivers Training Manual — step-by-step manual of information and procedures intended to teach you safe, efficient, and respectful practices in the equine-drawn-carriage business.

  • Annual Convention — Packed with information, tours, and ideas to make your business grow and prosper.

  • Newsletter — Late-breaking carriage news and advertisement.

  • Members-only Facebook page.

  • Your Company Listing on the CONA website provides you with a nationwide referral service where potential customers can find you. Your listing includes company name, business, contact information as well as links to your existing website with email addresses.

  • CONA Logo Items to display proudly as a reminder that you are a member of the world’s best carriage organization along with a membership certificate, decals, embroidered patch, and lapel pin.


CONA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of the horse-drawn carriage industry.  Please support and defend the carriage industry and your own carriage company by joining us.

Questions about membership?  Please email Nicki Vantuyl, Vice President CONA