Carriage Operators of North America

Carriage Operators of North America Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Continuing professional education (CPE) is a goal of CONA members. The recommended number of clock hours of continuing professional education (CPE) is 25 hours per year, from January to December. Completion of each CPE activity should be evidenced by documentation (e.g. transcripts, certificates of completion, attendance log or receipt). The documentation should be submitted by the end of January of the year following the activities so that awards may be given and individuals and businesses may be recognized at the annual CONA convention.

CPE Provider Information

The following entities may provide and/or sponsor CPE activities for carriage companies and their employees as pre-approved providers:
– CONA Convention attendance
– Accredited USDA, County Extension Office
– A non-profit organization that offers professional development or education in business marketing, safety and health of employees (human and equine) and patrons, historical information, and driving skills or training.
– An accredited book or video as reviewed or recommended by the designated board members of CONA. These types of activities are best if done with a partner or group, so that ideas may be shared and critiqued.
– Tours of other companies in the carriage business—either taking a carriage ride or visiting their barn or farm.



Of the 24 recommended hours, up to 16 hours may be documented “in-person” meetings and only 8 may be submitted as individual study/reading or virtual activities.
“In-person” meetings will be counted as rounded per-hour for attendance. For example, a lunch meeting with the Chamber of Commerce or historical club may count as one hour or our own CONA convention would be rounded to a maximum of 6 hours per day attendance. Please do not submit social times but meetings with an informational speaker.




Documentation must be submitted to CONA and the designated board members overseeing continuing professional education by January 31st of the year following the activities on the form below. Only hours from preceding calendar year will be accepted. Copies of certificates, receipts and required signatures (for meetings where a certificate or receipt is not given) must be attached to the form and will not be returned.

Email your completed forms and certificate copies to


Example of the CPE report form below. Clicking on the form will open a fillable form for your use