My membership and involvement with CONA has been greatly beneficial.  The members are a fantastic, friendly group of professionals that have a wealth of knowledge within the industry.  The annual conference provides opportunities to develop new industry partners, and the down-to-earth conversations always help to foster business improvements (operational and financial).  In a specialized industry such as ours, it’s invaluable to have contacts to call upon when sorting through issues and/or managing public relations.

Donna Friedlander

Owner, Tally-Ho Carriage Tours, Victoria, British Columbia (Canada)

Benefits of CONA for Canadians:

  • Industry advocate and direct membership support (e.g., national connections with advocacy groups; advice and assistance to operators).
  • Establishes industry standards for operations, conduct, and ethics, which can play an important role in developing appropriate operational guidelines/bylaws/etc. at the local (municipal) level.
  • A network of contacts (small to large operators, suppliers, educators, etc.).
  • Annual opportunity to meet other operators and discuss best practices.


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