CONA 2020 Convention
Jacksonville, Fl
February 27-29, 2020

Richard M. Blaney

The Livestock Conservancy 

Richard is a Floridian with a Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University (1965) and Ph.D. from Louisiana State University (1970), Major in Zoology, Minor in Botany (FSU), Chemistry (FSU), and Geology (LSU).”Looking back over 7 decades, life has been an adventure, and always interesting. During the early part of life, I was a student eager to learn about the world around me. Science was my passion, my life style, and that has never changed. I have my list of accomplishments, many publications, degrees, etc., but I am still a student. I traveled throughout the USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean doing field studies and lab research in comparative vertebrate anatomy, systematics, biogeography, evolution, and ecology, primarily specializing in herpetology. I have been deeply involved with Environmental issues and Endangered Species. Later in my career, I eventually concentrated on teaching courses for Allied Health students, Human Anatomy and Physiology. I designed and taught online courses, but absolutely prefer teaching face to face. I wrote lab manuals and study guides for these courses. I even did a Television series with 14 one hour episodes, ‘Survey of Anatomy and Physiology.’ I also served as Department Chair, a demanding and thankless job. I retired in 2006 and moved from central Florida to a more isolated area in north Florida with plenty of room. Hence began my third phase of life as a rancher. I am now dedicated to preserving Galiceño horses, a critically endangered breed of Colonial Spanish horse. Galiceños of Suwannee is our 80 acre horse ranch located in Suwannee County near Live Oak, Florida.”  More information can be found at http://Galiceno.org

Mindy Patterson

The Cavalry Group

Mindy is a leading advocate for animal related businesses, pet breeders, sportsmen, and animal agriculture nationwide. Her company, The Cavalry Group works to protect and advance the Constitutional and private property rights of law abiding animal owners, animal-related businesses and agricultural concerns legally, legislatively, culturally, and in the media. The Cavalry Group specializes in protecting its members against the onslaught of animal rights activism, in addition to challenging the infiltration of animal rights activism in government at the local, state, and federal levels.

Mindy speaks across the country about the threat that animal rights activism poses to American agriculture and the pet breeding industries. Mindy is available to speak at industry events nationwide


Bill Richey

Bill Richey, the founder and CEO of National Mounted Police Services, Inc.

Bill Richey, the founder and CEO of National Mounted Police Services, Inc. is a POST certified mounted police instructor. He was instrumental in creating the mounted units for the city of Duluth, also in Forsyth and Gilmer Counties (Georgia) and training their officers and horses. He worked with Atlanta Police Mounted Unit
in preparation for the 1996 Olympics and was also involved in reorganizing the unit. He was the chief instructor for Mobile Mounted Police Mardi Gras School. Mr. Richey has participated in and won or placed in every national mounted police competition he has entered. He has over 30 years experience as a mounted police officer or mounted police trainer, and almost as many as civilian trainer/ instructor. He has spent
countless hours training officers and civilians from all over North America, the Middle east and South America, as well as their mounts, to perform safely and professionally, from the trail, to the movies, to the show ring and to Mardi Gras.

Tyler Jones

Tyler Jones is the founder, president, and chief executive officer of SPEAK Strategic


Tyler Jones is the founder, president, and chief executive officer of SPEAK Strategic. A veteran political strategist and communicator, Jones has advised elected officials, candidates and businesses for over a decade
SPEAK Strategic is dedicated to helping our clients better connect and influence audiences. SPEAK produces real-world results by providing the very best in political strategy, issue advocacy,  public relations, branding, and creative services.



Kenny Russell

Draft Horse Driver Trainer

My name is Kenny Russell.  I reside with my wife, Renee , on our 90 acre farm, in Poplarville, MS. We raise cattle and farm with Percheron and Belgian horses.
I have dedicated a lifetime to using and training the workhorse in my farming operation.  I was raised in a family of horsemen.  My father, Raymond Russell, farmed with horses and mules his entire life. He never owned a tractor.  Thus leading to a lifestyle that Renee and I chose for our farming operations.

We purchased our own farm in 1979.  We set everything up when  building to use horse power.

In 1993 we hosted our first “Learning to Farm With Draft Horses”  clinic.  Guests from all over the US came to participate.  These clinics continued through 2012.

In 2011 we began a 2 day clinic with the carriage drivers in the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA.

I have had the opportunity to do clinics with many special people and to judge many events.
– Four Corners Ag Expo,   Cortez, CO
– Logging with Draft Horses in  Cumberland National
  Park, Virginia
– Horse Progress Days,  Indiana and Ohio
–  Clinics with Lynn Miller (Small Farm Journal)
   Sisters, Oregon
–   Clinics with Dr. AJ Neuman DVM, Orange City,
–   Judge for US Plowing Match several times
–    Clinics with Michael Gascon, Gascon
     Horsemanship Poplarville, MS

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